John Parker now known as St Celfer was formerly Eyekhan, earcon, jenghizkhan and Taint.
A member of Man From Planet Risk and !M.O.O.B, 
and formerly a member of Spongeworthy and Denim Venom.


2013 earcon, Funkiller III+IV

2012 earcon, Guillotar I-III

2011 !M.O.O.B, He Goatan (Keep Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth)

2009 earcon, Funkiller II

2008 earcon, Funkiller I
jenghizkhan, The Noise of Experiments: bacon

2007 earcon, Party Lion
earcon & Tom Moody, Scratch Ambulance

2006 earcon, vertexChips (compilation)
!M.O.O.B, Live@CBGBs 5-27-04
!M.O.O.B, Live@CBGBs 3-22-04

2005 Man From Planet Risk, Escaping Chixalub
jenghizkhan, Live@Sound Show
jenghizkhan, Live@vertexList

2004 Artanker Convoy, Natch (remix), Social Registry
Denim Venom, Live@Share

2003 jenghizkhan, Hooden Knooks
jenghizkhan, Brooklyn Sucks

2002 Spongeworthy, 1-16 Live
jenghizkhan, Feed jenghizkhan - beef
jenghizkhan, The Noise of Experiments: bits + pieces

2001 Richard Douglas, Tennessee Country Turnstile Swingin’ (producer)