Flayed Revisited (after Nauman)

Media: electrical wire and plug, iron for pressing, string, aluminum wire and foil, cellophane, and plastic disks
Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 4"
Rockstar Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
"When this piece is plugged into an electrical outlet, the iron melts and burns the plastic"

Push My Soft Buttons

Media: felt pads, nails, canvas
Dimensions: 16" x 28"

Turn On - detail

Media: refrigirator lights, light socket and adapters, furniture bumpers, wire, plastic chain, net and screws.
Dimensions: 4' x 6" x 6"
Collection of Nina Sobell

Targets in a Rock

Media: Oil
Dimensions: 2' 6" x 3'

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